When I started my startup journey I didn’t have knowledge of starting and running a business. I tried to find mentors but nobody wanted to help me. I started reading articles, attending startup events, workshops etc to gain some knowledge about operating a business. I felt I lost lot of time in doing that. Also the launch of my startup delayed. But later on found some good mentors who helped and guided me in my startup journey. I wished if I could mentors very early I could have saved lot of time.

That is why I became a mentor when I got the opportunity. I wanted to help people who are serious and ready to take risks to become an entrepreneur. When you are in early stage of your startup journey you dont get much help and you feel lonely. And that is why I want to help entrepreneurs in their startup journey.

Why you should be mentored by me?

As an entrepreneur I have struggled a lot. I launched my startup from scratch without savings and knowledge of business. I was born in non business middle class family where we are told to get job and settle. With all the difficulties I have never quit and grew learning from my mistakes and failures. I always say that I am an entrepreneur who has faced all kinds of challenges what an entrepreneur faces. You name a challenge I have faced it. I am still not a successful entrepreneur, there is long way to go and being entrepreneur you cannot settle to be a successful entrepreneur.

So I say that learning from others experience and mistakes is smart and fast way of growing yourself. And this the reason why you should get mentored by me. I have mentored almost 100 entrepreneurs. I dont give gyan or educate you. In my mentoring session it will be a brain storming session to find solutions to your challenge.

If you would want to get in touch with me for mentoring click the button below, fill up the form and I will get in touch with you.

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