Online Courses

Online course is one more way for me to help entrepreneurs to launch and grow their startup. I have created unique systems and tools which will help startup founders in launching their startup and gradually grow them and survive first 2 years of startup journey. These systems and tools are created based on my experience and whatever I learnt which has helped me and helped other entrepreneurs. It has been tested during my offline mentoring sessions with entrepreneurs. I made a framework out of it and created this online course Startup launch blueprint.

Why I created a course?

  1. There is no a proper structure where entrepreneurs can gain some knowledge to build a business from scratch, most of the courses are just made on theoretical concept which has not been tested.
  2. Many startups fail in first year itself, because of lack of knowledge, no proper focus, no discipline, no strategy, dont what you dont know, what steps to be taken one by one to launch and run a business.
  3. I am on a mission to solve all these problems and help people in launching their business and grow their business. To reach out to more and more people online course were the right way to reach out to more people.
  4. Through my online course I want to assure people who want be entrepreneurs and launch something of their own that they are not alone, I will be with them in their journey to guide them.
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